Every optometry practice has virtually the same aesthetic: shallow professionalism, uninspiring stock photography and a wordmark composed of some questionable typeface. Tired of the industry standard approach, Lili wanted a brand that could celebrate her eccentricities while maintaining a level of professionalism. The brand needed to be playful, co-exist with the aesthetic landscape of Vancouver’s Gastown, and support her people-centric approach to life and business.

Lili Logo

The logo is equal parts artistic and abstract, utilizing the repetition in Lili’s name to create a mark that is clean, bold and minimal. The simplicity of the logo’s form lent itself perfectly to a pattern that could be used across physical and digital platforms. The logo, when paired with Lili’s wordmark, can be used in two different orientations — vertical and horizontal — which enforces it’s versatility and strength.

Lili Logo + Wordmark Orientation 1

Lili Logo + Wordmark Orientation 2
Lili Brand Pattern

The duality of the logo and wordmark needed to be reflected in our type choices. For professional we decided on Gotham, a geometric sans-serif typeface that is instantly recognizable. For playful we used Lucida Grande, a humanist sans-serif typeface that exudes personality without gimmick. The two fonts work in concert to create a unique and unified brand.

Lili Type Study

Lili’s humanity was apparent and profound. Her overseas volunteer trips and penchant for storytelling showed how much she cared about people. Lili was eager to learn about different cultures and perspectives at every turn, and she wanted nothing more than to help others appreciate their world just a little bit more. Her tagline was natural: See the world your way.

See the world your way.

Lili needed business cards and another piece of physical collateral that she could use around the office and hand out to patients. Being that her logo functioned well as a pattern, we decided to make that a prominent element. It was applied to both the cards and the coaster design. Her colour palette when used on the collateral was magnetic and effective.

Lili Brand Coaster
Lili Client Form

For Lili’s website we continued to break the standard mold, following an artistic vision that would be fluid and functional. Lili’s copy would be easygoing and conversational, seamlessly flowing from section to section. The playful illustrations juxtapose the rigid columns and negative space, creating something that is both accessible and professional.

Lili Website Hero

Lili Website Services

Lili Website Location

Lili Website Blog

Lili’s optometry practice shows signs of great promise, and it’s supported by a brand that speaks to potential clients in a way that no other practice does.