Soapstand worked hard to develop vending units that would dispense cleaning products, making it easier for customers to refill reusable bottles and reduce society’s need for disposable plastics. They wanted to showcase how easy it was to live sustainably in today’s fast-paced world, but both their brand and website were relics from the past. Giving their identity a facelift and streamlining their services would go a long way in highlighting their relevance and market value.

Soapstand Hero Image

Soapstand had an existing logo that was dated and lacked sophistication. We reworked their warped water emblem to adhere to the golden ratio, resulting in a finished product that was as clean as the company’s service offering.

Soapstand Logo
Soapstand Logo + Wordmark

The client wanted to convey sustainability without greenwashing or using overplayed colour palettes. Our inspiration came from natural elements found in the Pacific Northwest: frigid streams, tangled ferns, and highlights of sand and clay. The colours paired seamlessly with the art direction, creating an atmosphere of earthy cleanliness. Soapstand also lacked cohesion with their type choices, showcasing a variety of fonts across their website and collateral. We decided on Proxima Nova Soft, a sans-serif typeface with rounded edges as soft as freshly washed clothes.

Soapstand promotes ethical products that keep people, their clothes and their surroundings squeaky clean. By providing customers with refillable bottles via their conveniently located dispensary units, Soapstand becomes the obvious eco-friendly alternative. Soapstand is the accessible, sustainable and functional soap company, and their tagline boasts just that.

A greener clean.

Along with business cards, Soapstand needed placards that would help users understand how their dispensary units functioned. These would be fixed to their machines in apartment complexes and grocery stores. We made simple explanatory “how to” cards as well as a customizable discount card that could be used for various promotional purposes.

Soapstand Business Cards
Soapstand Discount Card

Soapstand’s original website was overly complex, with numerous tabs and pages. We streamlined their service offering and developed a website that promoted the essentials in the easiest way possible. The scroll-centric design and simple iconography coupled with an abundance of negative space work to reinforce their new and ‘clean’ aesthetic. As the company was preparing for launch, the main call-to-action of the site was to promote sign-ups and obtain information regarding future Soapstand locations. Trending towards minimalism, the site's design avoids the unnecessary and encourages product know-how in a sophisticated manner.

Soapstand Website Hero

Soapstand Website Mission

Soapstand Website Partners

Soapstand Website Contact

Soapstand held their launch party complete with the revised brand and website. The company continues to challenge how we think about our habits, and with their updated branding they’re poised for growth well into the future.